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Pidato Sayangi Malaysiaku 2018

16th College Grabs Attention at the Speech Competition of 'Sayangi Malaysiaku'

Participant from 16th College, Noor Hidayahtul Aiza binti Atan, have successfully won the third place in the Speech Competition of 'Sayangi Malaysiaku'.

SERDANG- Noor Hidayahtul Aiza binti Atan, or more known as Hidayah, have won the third place in the Speech Competition of 'Sayangi Malaysiaku'. The Competition of 'Sayangi Malaysiaku' have been organised by Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar/Students Affair Department, Universiti Putra Malaysia and was opened to all the students of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) regardless of their level of studies.

Hidayah, who is a second year student currently taking Bachelor of Malay Literature, have secured the third place in the competition which was held at Dewan Putra 1, Universiti Putra Malaysia although she was met by challenging paticipants from other colleges. Hidayah, who before this have acquired her early education in SMK Tinggi Kajang, Selangor before continuing her studies in UPM, have shined very brightly in the competition.

Hidayah claimed that her immense passion in the speech's world have led her to sign up for the competition. Plus, she have experiences in debate in her secondary school. Aside from that, she have also joined a speech competition previously in her school and won the second place.

Date of Input: 04/10/2018 | Updated: 04/10/2018 | shalabi


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